Friday, November 2, 2012

Deviation... Who knows?

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end..."
- Closing Time, Semisonic

Well its my fault for not performing... or maybe its someone else's fault for not motivating me the way I should be motivated. Too late for the blame game though. Changing paths, its always hard for me to do this. I always question my ability to accept change though I've been through a lot of great, fuckin', amazing and awesome changes, specially lately. 

The thing is this time, I need to make it my weapon... Some sort of "Gokai change" or "Henshin" that can help me get through. Hahahaha... One thing I hate about planning is that it never happens 100% the way it's planned... If you're not flexible enough, you'll end up cracked by your own plans. 

So I said yes. For regularization, for keeping the pride, for telling myself that I'm still worth of something, for the sake of staying in the game of life. Who knows, this might be the personal niche that I'm looking for. I'm excited, challenged, maybe a bit scared. I'm sad coz I need to leave, happy that its gonna be a new adventure and new friends. Just when you started to grow fond of the environment, its already time to go, another "just a passing by kamen rider" moment.


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