Monday, April 29, 2013

When wants become too much...

Warning: This blog post is about pure and applied science.

When we collide, we break.

The property of matter we call impenetrability, that no two same matter can occupy the same space at the same time. Its simple, but for those idiots out there (oops, like an idiot's guide, let's put it that way) that means if Im already seated, you can't seat here anymore (yeah, I don't share a lot so even if I'm pleasingly plump and you can still squeeze a quarter or two of your butt on my seat, I will not allow it. And yes, I'm not fat, not chubby, I'm pleasingly plump. If you have any problems, its my blog). 

So what's my point? Sometimes we try to fit a lot, we try to fit everything on such a small space. And what happens when we do that? Well like what the first line says, one or both (or whatever number of things you try to fit) breaks. Impenetrability, its common sense really... well common sense is not so common anymore.

When the cold comes crashing down, And the fight lost what it's about.

What happens when we realize that the space is not enough? We buy space! Haha, funny right? It doesn't matter how much we pay, we always wanted more. Then we buy some more. Till we eventually give up the things that we try to fit in just to buy enough space. Now we have a big space to fit in everything, but we already lost the things it supposedly holds. We weigh a lot between the space and the things that we want to fit in, thinking that we can balance it. That there's a way to buy enough space without sacrificing the things we want to fit. Impenetrability, I think its a way of saying that we only have two hands and that we can only hold a handful.

When I came here there was more. Now I've come back to destroy.

Exploitation, that's what where we're good at. By the time we established the fact that we can only handle enough, that's the time we drop things. Sometimes we decide which one to drop, sometimes we're just not aware, sometimes we really don't notice that it just drops on it's own and sometimes we do notice but its too late to save. The thing is we drop something... If we decide on it, we prioritize, which is good but then again, damage has been done. We are responsible for what we tame (hehehehehe). If we are not aware, that is because we are so focused and obsessed on a specific object that we neglect the other things we thought we can take responsibility of (in the vernacular, takaw-tingin... PAGKAEN). If we don't notice and just drops then that's just BS (Bulldog Shih-tzu... y'know), its not important and was never important... And yes, there's the things we do notice that we might lose and we know that they are important but one way or another we got caught up on all the hurly burly whatever that they end up lost, stolen, kidnapped, burned... broken anyway. We need that, so we try to save it. Probably we lose other things on the process to save it. You might be successful, might be not... but either way we lose something and that's the result of trying to make the banana tree bear tomatoes instead of the usual banana... Then you start to question yourself if you were able to save the most important things or you lost them trying to save the shitty ones... if you were really choosing the right stuff or you're just choosing the things that would make you look right.

Impenetrability, if you'll look on it the way I elaborated things you'll say that it limits us... like a curse. But come to think of it, it's a way of balancing the greed that we humans have. Just like what was mentioned in Hellboy 2, man was born with a hole in his heart... insatiable... always looking for something more.

I guess I was able to deliver what I'm trying to discuss... So as parting words, lemme borrow a bit more from the inspiration of this blog post (Ironman 3? Nah, Don't tell me you haven't noticed yet).

And it's a place I can not go anymore...
It's a hard mistake...

Anawangin was too impossible... So Bulacan then Tagaytay, here I go...