Monday, December 7, 2015

Going back to square one, Breaking habits and the Penultimate post

I have not posted in a while... a lot of things happened and yes, this will be the post before the blog gives a closing curtain.

I started this blog as a writer, as a requirement, as a way to post my article. Then it became my personal blog, an outlet. I filled it with my anger, remorse, happiness and love... But now I know I put up a lot to it that the blog has lost its meaning. As to pay respect, I'll write a short story as my last post. Please do not expect a lot since I haven't written for a looooooooooooonnnggg time. I promise to give it my best shot though.

So what happened so far? In a nut shell, Jollibee Mayon, the first fast food that cater a lot of my childhood was tore down and was rebuilt in 3 months (no, I'm not imitating the Bible, seriously, it did happen). That Jollibee is special to me. It was a symbol, a big part of my childhood, a heritage of my youth. It was back, not the way it was before. If you'll ask me, the space is smaller. Rumors say its company owned now. The play place ain't there anymore. The 3rd floor is not accessible. Its never gonna be the same. I thought I can accept the changes but it was not easy. Sure, the air conditioning was fixed. The decorations, superb. But the aura is different. I can't tell exactly what happened other than it's designed to cater just a few people.Its hard to grasp the change.

Most of us are like that. We can't accept change. Its hard to break the routine. We always crave for what was once there but is now gone. We love to put all the eggs in one basket... then it falls apart. So we envelope ourselves with sadness. A thick shell of sadness that we ourselves cannot break. We lost the will to break the sadness, believing that or strength went away with the eggs and the basket.
The key is to find your own strength. We need to break our own walls of sadness. New eggs, family, your niece, nephew, cohorts. It will eventually fall into place if you'll just look closely. If you'll appreciate what's left and what's always been there. We have to change tactics if we want to change the outcome. We have to buy a sturdier basket. Change the way we walk. They say we learned to crawl before we eventually learned to walk, so crawl if necessary. Just don't stay where you are.

Its always fine to start again... just don't be afraid to start again. So I'll start again. Yes, a new blog awaits.

Here's my new buddies to face the upcoming year. :)