Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Respect, Getting serious and Seeing it from someone else's view

Men are respectable only as they respect - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Respect. Something that we earn, not for free. How?! Mr. Emerson here perfectly described how.
But what is respect? Why do some people wanted it so bad without respecting others?

"Respect is taking into consideration the views and desires of others, and including it into your decisions. When you respect another, you factor and weigh their thoughts and desires into your planning and balance it into your decision making."

This is just a random quote I got online. According to this one, its a simple "fight or flight" scenario everytime we do something that could affect someone else. Pretty easy to easy to say eh. 

Think Patrick Star. Yes, that dumbo character at that stupid cartoon show (that is supposedly for kids but is teaching them how to go nuts). I like Patrick Star, not because he's a dumbass freak that creates chaos whenever he does something, but because I like how he see things on a different light. It maybe chaotic, stupid most of the time, but his perception taught me how to deal with idiots. And from him I derived one great quote, RESPECT others' right to be different.

We can't push our ideals to others who believe otherwise. They can be down right stupid for all their belief but all we can do is to lay down our cards, let 'em see it through our eyes and if still they stick on to their own ideals, well tough luck.

On the ten commandments, it is said that "Honour thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee..."

So how about the drug addicted parents who let their own child take in solvent instead of food and water?? How about the mother who keeps on looking for her own personal pleasures instead of looking for ways on how her children should grow??? How about the father who rapes her own daughter???
Again, respect is for those who only know how to give it to others... Capische?!

Margaritas ante porcos...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Feast of Keane's Song, Knowing and Believing...

And up we'll go
In white light
I don't think so
But what do I know?
What do I know?
I know! 

- Bedshaped

A house on fire
A wall of stone
A door that once was open
An empty face and empty bones
Who ate your heart?
You're cold inside
You're not the one I hoped for
I'll see you on the other side
I'll see you on the other side  

- Untitled I

For a moment your eyes open and you know
All the things I ever wanted you to know
I don't know you, and I don't want to
Till the moment your eyes open and you know 

- Your Eyes Open

Keane's 1st album was the best... all of the others aren't that interesting...
Don't you love it???:)
All my "HOPES AND FEARS", I'll see in the lime light while you stay on the dark...
I can't save you I guess.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

LSS, Dutch Mill and Revelations

I don't mind when you say
That you're going away
I just don't wanna be lonely

And I don't care if we

Share only moments a day
I just don't wanna be lonely

I'd rather be loved and needed

Depended on to give a love
I can't give when you're gone
When you're gone
I just don't want to be lonely
I'd rather be loved

I don't mind when the tide

Sets the sun to the moon
I just don't wanna be lonely

Let the stairs find you there

Waiting at the end of the room
I just don't wanna be lonely

I'd rather be loved and needed

Depended on to give a love
I can't give when you`re gone
When you're gone
I don't want to be lonely

LSS ko habang umiinum ng Dutch Mill yoghurt drink, yung strawberry...
Hi sa mga unknown taga-subaybay ko, what you see is what you get...;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dismay, Rain and The Friday dish

Can anybody tell me why I'm dismayed??? I bet you can't.

I'm not angry, maybe lack of sleep really gives me the ability to see small details, gives me the ability to think clearly.

And so I'm dismayed and no one knows why.

Bakit nga ba...

How I wish I just washed my maong pants and all the other pants that needs to be washed. How I wish there were strong winds and all the heavy rain. Forgive me people but how I wish Ondoy-like rains poured down today. But no, up until now, I've only seen showers, you can't even call them showers. Its just like saliva coming from a gossiper's effin mouth.

Again, I'm dismayed, I'm dismayed raised to the effin x (Sir Alex, pakopya ah). And while I'm writing this, the dismay just goes higher... Hahaha, what an effin day.

The only thing that's right today is mung bean... That's my lunch, probably my dinner...mung bean and friday, oh so right...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Choice, F word and trash...


Everytime I have to make one, I'm f***ed up...
Guess Choice and the F word entered the dictionary at the same time...
And if making choices would really create alternate dimensions, damn, those f***ed up dimensions that I created must've been cursing me right now.

So much for all the strategy games I played. So much for all the play and reload thing. Life ain't gonna give that much chance for me now. All I can think of is to hold fast to the things I have right now. Its hard to bet, I'm sorry. I know I don't have much to bet. But if I keep on losing, I may end up as trash, or worse than trash... So I'm aiming for the lesser shame. I know, you won't understand, it's my fault anyway...

"Those who can't obey the rules are trash, but those who abandon their friends are worse than trash."
- Hatake Kakashi

Mom's gone for more than four months now... what would she say... I wonder... would she comfort me??? Would she cheer for me??? Would she support me??? (yeah, she'll be upset too. maybe I'll hear a lot of cussing...or maybe not)