Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Maysakit, Reminder and Present.

Here we stand
we know it will always be
everything & nothing

between us but space & silence...

Taking an SL once in a while is  great, specially if you really mean it (I do, really. Im sick). And I caught myself obsessed with a song (that I squeezed the internet just to find a clean, not-live copy of the song). Its cute, meaningful and reminds us that today is important. That golf balls are more important than pebbles, sand or beer/coffee. :)

to begin with
tell me how it is
to love & live & be
no promises knowing
there is only now
knowing there is only now...

Promises are building blocks of relationships as Papa Jack puts it. But staying today, making that promise felt, not just spoken, is more important than telling those words numerous times. Stopping once in a while, enjoying the scenery, cherishing the moments... we need to do it too.

as we walk away
out the door
welcome back reality
don't forget we smile knowing
there is only now

Of course, we always need to go back to the "routine", to the everyday pain in the neck, to the usual chores. But we will never forget how much we enjoyed the stop, the calm before the storm, the peace before the war... so we will have to look forward to enjoy it again.
Someone said that today is called present because it is a gift, and it is.


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Enelledan said...

Na-inlove ikaw sa song? I love you forever. Wala man lang credit sakin, ako nagpumilit na posible mo makuha ung song e. hahaha! Pero, sige na... Ikaw na, kaya penge ako song hah? Kikinig ako sa plane.

I love youuuuuuu.... :-)