Saturday, September 13, 2008


Gushing Spree

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Itadakimasu (ee-tah-daki-mast) is a Japanese kanji that locally means “Kakain na…” and hearing those words tickles my mind to ask what’s in for lunch or dinner. Eating plays an important role in the life process of any living being. As for us human, it’s also a time to interact and talk about our day-to-day experiences. I’m not a fleshy guy but I love to eat, yet I hate eating alone. I prefer eating with a companion and share my food as well as stories of my own.
Speaking of eating together, our small rectangular table at home seems to be bigger now that my older brother settled down with her girlfriend. They have been together for five years before they decided to marry and technically, there’s nothing wrong with that. Both of them finished college and got decent jobs. What I detested about the wedding is that it’s too sudden. The reason? In a few months, I will be having my first niece (or nephew, we just hope it is a baby girl). At first, I thought it was just a corny joke but come to think of it, the line “Noon bago mag-asawa, hinihintay ang kabilugan ng buwan. Ngayon, hinihintay nang bumilog ang tiyan.” seems to be true. I was the first one to know it in the family and though I’m shocked (and utterly dismayed) with the situation, I still helped my brother to explain everything to our mom. After all, what are brothers for? I just cannot believe that one of the persons I looked up to could make such a mistake in these times of crisis; he could have at least waited for me to graduate.
Anyway, we’re happy that the wedding ceremony went well and maybe in a few months, the baby will be celebrating with me as my debut approaches (yeah, the baby’s expected birth date is quite near mine). As the priest said, “Huwag po kayong malulungkot. Hindi naman po kayo mababawasan, madadagdagan pa nga po kayo eh…”
Now I’m talking about my birthday and growing old. Our adviser used to say that I’m still childish and that I’m not yet ready for big responsibilities (e.g. having a girlfriend). Well I cannot hold them responsible of my activations because most of the time I’m just another jerk occupying a space in our office, but at least I know that in a way, they trusted me to be the Circulations and Office Manager of the publication. Just this recent, my best buddy just had her first daughter and my first godchild too. Instead of having presents for Christmas, it will turn out that I’ll be the one to give something for my cute godchild. It is true, I’m not getting any younger anymore. After a year and a half, I’ll be graduating (still keeping my fingers crossed), let my parents retire, give them time to enjoy their life and then I will be marrying ‘her’ (she-who-must-not-be-named) too someday.
I am bugged by the thought of having liabilities of my own. It is because I failed so many times before and I do not want to fail anymore. My mom went to two successive surgical operations and needs to rest. With the country’s current situation, I need to graduate the soonest time possible or else, she’ll be forced to work for two more years. That would be a heavy stab on my chest. So guys, let us make our parents proud (specially our mom) because they have been giving out everything for us.
“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” – Closing Time, Semisonic
No matter how much we love to eat, we always have to end the session because eating is just one of many life processes. We tend to say goodbye so that we can go on and meet others, and maybe, to have a brand new start. For those who have to leave, we might feel melancholic for them but it could be better for them to stay that way. For my Lola Mary, I know she’s enjoying her stay up there, upon the table of the heavens.
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