Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick post for everybody

Without prejudice to religion or any belief...
Let's not use "God" as a reason to whatever we are facing today.
Indeed, I believe that He wrote a perfect plan for us, but then He gave us free will.
Hindi pwedeng tinatawag na lang natin xa the way we use the effin phrase na "Bahala na si Batman".
"Sometimes the truth isn't good enough.
Sometimes people deserve more.
Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded..."
- Batman, The Dark Knight

Ahm, I can't blog further... not much inspiration I guess. :)

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HappyVic said...

i still believe in the "bahala na si batman" phrase...not because minsan cute din iasa sa fate ang mga bagay-bagay, but rather because sometimes "batman" really fixes things for me... :P