Friday, June 10, 2011

Dismay, Rain and The Friday dish

Can anybody tell me why I'm dismayed??? I bet you can't.

I'm not angry, maybe lack of sleep really gives me the ability to see small details, gives me the ability to think clearly.

And so I'm dismayed and no one knows why.

Bakit nga ba...

How I wish I just washed my maong pants and all the other pants that needs to be washed. How I wish there were strong winds and all the heavy rain. Forgive me people but how I wish Ondoy-like rains poured down today. But no, up until now, I've only seen showers, you can't even call them showers. Its just like saliva coming from a gossiper's effin mouth.

Again, I'm dismayed, I'm dismayed raised to the effin x (Sir Alex, pakopya ah). And while I'm writing this, the dismay just goes higher... Hahaha, what an effin day.

The only thing that's right today is mung bean... That's my lunch, probably my dinner...mung bean and friday, oh so right...

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