Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Feast of Keane's Song, Knowing and Believing...

And up we'll go
In white light
I don't think so
But what do I know?
What do I know?
I know! 

- Bedshaped

A house on fire
A wall of stone
A door that once was open
An empty face and empty bones
Who ate your heart?
You're cold inside
You're not the one I hoped for
I'll see you on the other side
I'll see you on the other side  

- Untitled I

For a moment your eyes open and you know
All the things I ever wanted you to know
I don't know you, and I don't want to
Till the moment your eyes open and you know 

- Your Eyes Open

Keane's 1st album was the best... all of the others aren't that interesting...
Don't you love it???:)
All my "HOPES AND FEARS", I'll see in the lime light while you stay on the dark...
I can't save you I guess.

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