Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Respect, Getting serious and Seeing it from someone else's view

Men are respectable only as they respect - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Respect. Something that we earn, not for free. How?! Mr. Emerson here perfectly described how.
But what is respect? Why do some people wanted it so bad without respecting others?

"Respect is taking into consideration the views and desires of others, and including it into your decisions. When you respect another, you factor and weigh their thoughts and desires into your planning and balance it into your decision making."

This is just a random quote I got online. According to this one, its a simple "fight or flight" scenario everytime we do something that could affect someone else. Pretty easy to easy to say eh. 

Think Patrick Star. Yes, that dumbo character at that stupid cartoon show (that is supposedly for kids but is teaching them how to go nuts). I like Patrick Star, not because he's a dumbass freak that creates chaos whenever he does something, but because I like how he see things on a different light. It maybe chaotic, stupid most of the time, but his perception taught me how to deal with idiots. And from him I derived one great quote, RESPECT others' right to be different.

We can't push our ideals to others who believe otherwise. They can be down right stupid for all their belief but all we can do is to lay down our cards, let 'em see it through our eyes and if still they stick on to their own ideals, well tough luck.

On the ten commandments, it is said that "Honour thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee..."

So how about the drug addicted parents who let their own child take in solvent instead of food and water?? How about the mother who keeps on looking for her own personal pleasures instead of looking for ways on how her children should grow??? How about the father who rapes her own daughter???
Again, respect is for those who only know how to give it to others... Capische?!

Margaritas ante porcos...

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